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How To Move With Pets

If you’re like most pet owners, you consider your furry friend part of the family. That’s why it can be so tricky when it comes time to move, and they can’t go with you. Pets have a hard time understanding what is going on when there’s a sudden activity in their home or they’re introduced to a new environment. Cats and dogs especially seem to be the most affected. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on making the moving process less stressful for your beloved companions.

Make Sure Your Pets Have Your Information on Their Collar

You never know when your pets will slip out of a door and run away in an unfamiliar location, where they may be lost quickly. Local rules state that vets must keep stray animals who come through their doors for at least three days before euthanizing them, thus providing you enough time to locate them by putting advertising on the side of the clinic or driving about looking for your missing fuzzy friend. At the very least, if someone discovers your pet straying around without identification, there’ll be a phone number for you to call.

Be Patient When Moving With Pets

It will be difficult for both of you to relocate with pets, and changes on both ends are necessary. Don’t expect them to get used to everything in a day or two; it might take weeks or even months. Be patient and continue providing love and attention during this period; eventually, things should return to normal.

Keep Your Pet Busy with Toys and Treats

Please keep your pet occupied on the move with their favorite toys during automobile journeys. If you must travel a long distance to get to your new area, look for hotels that allow pets. It may be beneficial to pack an overnight bag if you’re going on a lengthy road trip with your pets. Give them a tour of their new surroundings after they’ve had time to unwind and let them know where they’ll be sleeping in the house. Put away their toys so that they understand this is now their home, as well. When it comes to treats, keep it to a minimum as overindulgence can upset their stomachs, just like us.

Make Sure To Check With Your Vet

Different pets react to travel in different ways. Some get carsick, some can’t handle loud noises or being in close quarters with other animals, and others need a lot of water and frequent trips outside to pee. Ask your veterinarian what they recommend for making the journey easier for your pet. Most airlines will require that your pet is transported in an authorized carrier that fits beneath the seat in front of you, and there may be additional costs associated with boarding them as well. If you’re moving far away from your present veterinarian, make arrangements with a new one immediately.

Make Your New Home Welcoming For Your Pets

The first step is setting up their food and water bowls, litter box (if needed), and some of their favorite toys in the new house. Try not to change their feeding schedule or the brand of food they’re used to eating. If there are other animals in the house, make sure they’re introduced slowly and calmly and that each pet has plenty of space to roam around. You don’t want any fights breaking out. Once everyone gets settled into their routine, it will be easier for them to get along with each other. It might take a little time, but it will all work out in the end.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you avoid any stressors during your relocation but be patient if things don’t go as planned. Pets can sense when their owners are worried and will do everything they can to relieve their anxiety, even if it means acting out in harmful ways.

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