Here are some commonly asked questions from some of our amazing customers. 

As you might expect the short answer is “it depends on how many items you are moving, and how far.” The weight of your goods and the distance they will travel are the two principal factors in determining the cost of your move. Gouffon Moving & Storage Co. will gladly give you a free estimate so that you can plan your budget well in advance.
For the most hassle-free moving experience, we encourage our customers to allow 2-4 weeks before their required move date for the estimating and move preparation process. Being prepared for any contingency is the best way to avoid stress. Of course Gouffon Moving & Storage Co. will still be your best ally in a move, even if you have very little advance notice.
With many fly-by-night moving operations, you simply can’t know for certain! But Gouffon Moving & Storage Co.’s professional staff consists of only full-time employees who have been screened with nationwide drug and criminal background checks, and we will arrive at your location on time and in uniform. We are a family operation, in the business of helping your family with reliable, trustworthy and friendly service, every time.
At Gouffon Moving & Storage Co., we encourage you to shop around – we consistently beat our competition in both service and price. We have a perfect, 100 percent performance track record. However, should you find a lower price on the cost of your move, we will gladly beat it with our Meet or Beat Price Guarantee!

If you have any other questions?